Ventilation is necessary but why ?

Ventilation is necessary but why ?

The combination of perfect insulation, airtight construction used in modern construction and inadequate ventilation of the building, all this results in very dirty and moist air. This can lead to many inconveniences such as breathing problems, fungi, allergies and a negative impact on the energy balance.

Ventilation is therefore a prerequisite for a healthy internal climate.

Air circulation ensures that polluted and humid air is replaced with fresh air, which significantly improves the quality of life of its inhabitants.

Legal norm
The EPC standards in Belgium and the Netherlands oblige to integrate the ventilation system in the new building as well as during the existing renovation. The ventilation standard is valid NBD D50-001 for Belgium and NEN1087 and 8087 for the Netherlands. This is good practice and implicitly requires the use of a respirator. This standard is valid for the whole country.

Energy Bonus
The selection of the ventilation system also significantly affects the energy class E of the building. The Energy Class of the building clearly indicates the energy efficiency as well as the economy of purchase and use of real estate. To obtain an attractive level of energy efficiency, high-quality insulating materials should be selected. The choice of Tunal ventilation also has a significant impact on the energy source.