Today’s trend in construction is the ever-increasing glazing with high thermal insulation and, consequently, the need to use safety glass or toughened glass in a three-pane combination with a variable frame.

In this type of window manufacturer’s situation, it touches on the problem of choosing appropriate shaft ventilation to meet the expectations of the recipient, which has often proved impossible.

The EWTG company, in order to meet the market expectations, expands its offer with the T80 FL diffuser in the TRIPLE version, which is directed to applications in window joinery with the use of triple glazing packages.

The largest range on the market allows you to adapt to the current market trend of PVC windows as well as Aluminum or Wooden windows.

T80FL Triple diffuser – it retains all the positive attributes of the basic version, such as self-regulating valve, varnished ends on the diffuser RAL or innovative external shape, and also offers the possibility of individual adaptation to the complex package with variable construction.


  • The scope of application: 33mm – 53mm
  • Sealing: Silicone gasket
  • ZR – self-regulating valve
  • Lacquered ends for any RAL compatible with the color of the diffuser 80mm high
  • Innovative external shape
  • PE filling: White and Black mass

Order codes

  1. Profile – WT80FLS48ZR/ral xxxx , ZT80FLS48ZR/ral xxxx
  2. Plug – T80FL-TRIPLE-KONW/xxxx , T80FL-TRIPLE-KONZ/xxxx



Ventilation for roller shutter boxes