Tunal 45

Tunal 45 is a thermal aluminum diffuser, on-pane for use in all types of window joinery made of wood, Alu and PVC. It is used in packages combined 20, 24 and 28mm thick.


  • Full-Color capsules painted on RAL


  1. Thermal profile
  2. Manual adjustment
  3. Gasket for permanent connection of the diffuser with the package shaft
  4. For use with different thick packets

Technical parameters

Air flow Q bij 1 Pa 8,5 dm³/s/m
Air flow q1 bij 2 Pa 44 m³/h/m
Air flow q1 bij 10 Pa 101 m³/h/m
L0 bij 2 Pa (1) 0,03 m
L0 bij 10 Pa (1) 0,03 m
Navigability 5 positions
Adjustable and automatic NIE
U-permeability 4,88 W/m².K
Acoustic insulation Dn, e, w (C, Ctr) in the open position 27 (-1;-1) dB
Protection against insects fulfills
Water tightness – in the closed position 300 Pa
Water tightness – in the open position fulfills
Leak in closed position at 50 Pa <15%
Surface 0,065 m²/m
Dimension of glass reduction 45 mm
Height 60 mm
Thickness of composite glass 20 – 24 – 28 mm (with EPDM gasket) / 34 mm (with silicone gasket)
The maximum size subject to the guarantee 2500 mm
KOMO-attest YES



Ventilation for roller shutter boxes