Tunal 80 FL

Tunal 80FL is a thermal aluminum diffuser, on-pane for use in all types of window joinery made of wood, ALU and PVC. It comes with a ZR valve. The diffuser can be used for composite packages with a thickness of 24, 28, 32mm.


  • 10mm less for more = Better flow Improved Uw windows
  • Full-Color capsules painted on RAL


  1. Thermal profile
  2. Adjustment in 5 positions
  3. ZR valve – self-regulating air flow
  4. For use with different thick packets
  5. Gasket for permanent connection of the diffuser with a complex package

Technical parameters

Air flow Q bij 1 Pa 11,8 dm³/s/m
Air flow q1 bij 2 Pa 61 m³/h/m
L0 bij 2 Pa (1) 0,08 m
Navigability 5 positions
Adjustable and automatic (own regulation class) P3
U-permeability 3,8 W/m².K
Acoustic insulation Dn, e, w (C, Ctr) in the open position 27 (0;-1) dB
Water tightness – in the closed position 200 Pa
Water tightness – in the open position 20 Pa
Protection against insects fulfills
Leak in closed position at 50 Pa <15%
Surface 0,080 m²/m
Dimension of glass reduction 80 mm
Height 95 mm
Thickness of composite glass 24 – 28 – 32 mm (with EPDM / 38 mm gasket (silicone gasket)
The maximum size subject to the guarantee 3500 mm



Ventilation for roller shutter boxes